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Welcome to the official blog of Al With A Van!

Good morning all, welcome to the first-ever post on the official Al With A Van blog. My name is Al and as you may have guessed, I am the guy with the van, and as you can see from the website, I am the friendliest man with a van in the UK, possibly the world!

Al With A Van has been up and running since 2016. We are based in Cambridge and we are open 24/7, for all your house removal needs. Quotes are free and we operate all over the UK and Europe, even through a killer pandemic and murderous prices at the fuel pumps.

Basically, we move anything anywhere. From an important letter to Scotland, a local house move from Cambridge to Cambridge, or an international move, such as the one recently completed, from West London to Crete. We also undertake house clearances, office moves and tip runs, by appointment.

Anyway, this first blog is just to say hello and in future, will be chronicling all the adventures we have out on the road, special offers and any other information that we think will be important to you, if you are planning a move.

Thanks for reading


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